YouTube: two pre-roll ads for fewer clippings after

YouTube: two pre-roll ads for fewer clippings after

With "ad pods ", YouTube wants to investigate two advertisements in pre-roll. In exchange, there will be fewer ad clippings during a long video session.

With the videos YouTube which take longer to view, it will soon be a double dose of advertising in pre-roll. This type of pre-roll advertising appears before viewing the video the user wants to see.

For this new format, the name of "ad pods" has been found which corresponds thus to the chain of two pre-roll advertisements. The user will in any case always be able to deactivate (ou zap) the ad in order to directly access the desired content.

In exchange for these "ad pods ", it will be possible to watch a longer video without interruption (or less). In other words, no ad cut in the middle of viewing the video. For now, there is only talk of a test that will be launched this year on a computer, then later on mobile and TV screens.

YouTube: two pre-roll ads for less clippings after

" Our researchhes recent on user experience suggests that in addition to factors such as the duration of advertisements, viewers are very sensitive to the frequency of ad breaks, especially during long viewing sessions ", written Google .

With fewer interruptions, Google believes that metrics will be better, including fewer dropouts for video playback and higher ad viewing rates. users should experience up to 40% fewer interruptions.