YouTube: paid comments to fund creators

This Thursday, YouTube introduced a new feature to monetize the audience of videographers. It will now be possible, with the "Super chat , to highlight messages on videos live provided you pay.

In June 2014, YouTube introduced a new function allowing internet users to financially support a YouTube channel thanks to a subion system paid, like Tipeee or Patreon, but integrated directly into its platform. This Thursday, the video service announced to end it, replacing this system with "Super chat to support videographers.

Concretely, as part of a live broadcast on YouTube, Super Chat allows you to pay a certain amount of money in order to see your message in the highlighted chat to better stand out Even more, the message will remain pinned for longer or shorter in the chat window depending on the amount paid .paid less than 5 euros will be highlighted in blue or sky blue and will not be pinned, while a paid message 15 euros will be highlighted in yellow and will remain displayed for 5 minutes and a paid message 300 euros will be highlighted in red for a pinning 3 hours.

This system is reminiscent of Cheering appeared last June on Twitch . Again depending on the amount paid to highlight a comment, it will appear more or less long at the top of the chat window. On the side of YouTube , this new financing offer proposed to creators as well as spectators makes it possible above all to highlight its solution of live streaming , which has been undermined by Twitch competitors , but also Facebook Live or Periscope onTwitter.