YouTube gradually eliminates content related to North Korea

According to a report published on Monday, YouTube would have deleted in January two channels which regularly shared videos about thea North Korea. This is not the first time that the video streaming service has removed content from the most closed country in the world. The move comes three months after suspending KoreaCentralTV1 , which presented itself as the official representative of the North Korean TV channel.

The first channel concerned this month was a YouTube channel managed by a Pole living in Japan by the name of Emil Truszkowski . The youtuber mostly posted promotional videos for trips to North Korea . Her channel was deleted overnight without any warning. The second channel belonged to a Vietnamese man named Vũ Nam Phương . This channel mainly contained homemade videosand recordings of videos from Korean media. After first being suspended, he then saw his channel deleted despite a catalog of over 350 videos.

YouTube is said to have taken these measures to comply with the United States and United Nations sanctions against North Korea. Indeed, thanks to the content on YouTube, Korean channels can earn income from associated advertisements.

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