YouTube ensures that YouTubers will ultimately keep the "verified" badge

 YouTube ensures that YouTubers will ultimately keep the badge

A few days ago, YouTube announced that he was reviewing his policy regarding badges" verified, symbols that ensure the authenticity of a channel on the video platform. The announcement was madespeak of it since some channels with a significant community could risk losing the precious marker.

YouTube backtracked

Finally, YouTube reversed its decision a few days later by announcing that he was reversing his decision. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, also apologized. In a recent post dedicated to the subject, the video platform therefore indicated on this subject that "the channels which currently have the verification will now keep it without appeal.

In this sense, YouTube also indicates that it will reopen its verification process next month. All channels with more than 100,000 subscribers will then be able to subscribe. As a reminder, the US service will verify several criteria in addition to the identity of the creators of the content. This will focusalso on the authenticity of the channel and the fact that it was supplemented by several pieces of information such as deion, icon, regular activity and being in public.

For what is authenticity, YouTube says, "Your channel should represent the real creator, brand, or entity that you claim to be. We will consider various factors to help you verify your identity, and we may also ask you for additional information or documentation.

On the other hand, YouTube indicated that the design of the badge "Verified would also change design in order to be more readable and not to be akin to "an approval of the content by the platform. This will replace the badge, but also the musical note which helps to represent the artists on the service.

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