YouTube Deploys New Features To Help Creators Increase Merch Sales

 YouTube is rolling out new features to help creators grow sales of Merch

YouTube helps creators with new functionality to increase sales of goods and a new report to measure revenues.

Now when people buy the goods from a designer during a live broadcast, the sale will be highlighted in the chat.

YouTube channels can access monthly revenue information in a new report in YouTube Studio.

Here is more information on each of these updates.

New Monthly Performance Report

YouTube creators now have access to a performance report that combines multiple datasets.

The new report, available in YouTube Studio, merges two existing monthly subscriber and revenue reports. There is also a completely new analysis of video views.

 YouTube is rolling out new features to help creators increase sales of Merch

The report includes a new visualization with a monthly bar graph showing 13 months of data.

YouTube creators can use this report to quickly assess monthly performance and identify potential seasonal trends.

You can find this report in YouTube Studio Analytics in the Channel overview . It will be updated at the start of each month.

Live alerts for merchandise purchases

YouTube puts more emphasis on merchandise sales with a new alert that appears during live video.

YouTube is rolling out new features to help creators increase sales of Merch

When a creator's merchandise is purchased during a live channel, an alert will be displayed all over the chat room. This is similar to when a user becomes a member during a live broadcast or sends a super chat.

This feature is available to creators who use Teespring to sellproducts on YouTube.

Alerts offer creators a new way to promote merchandise during a stream and give fans a way to show their support for the channel.

Live merchandise alerts have the potential to publicize the creator's merchandise, and increase sales accordingly.

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Increase in non-advertising revenue

YouTube notes that revenues non-advertising creators are increasing.

More and more channels are making money from other YouTube monetization programs such as Super Cats, Super Stickers, channel subions and physical merchandise sales.

In the past 28 days, more than 80,000 YouTube channels have made money with one of these programs.

This represents an increase ine 20% e March and an increase of more than 40% since January.

Since the beginning of March, more than 2 million viewers have bought their first Super Chat, Super Sticker or channel subion.

Super cats and super stickers are a way to financially thank the creator during a live broadcast.

In return, buyers can highlight a message in the chat or post a large sticker, but they are mostly donation tools.

Membership in a channel offers a little more, although it all depends on the individual creator.

Paying a monthly fee to a channel can provide exclusive rewards such as member-only videos, member-only discussions, and the like.

The rewards vary, however, as creators are free to offer what they offer to members.

Channel subions are stilla relatively new feature, having been introduced less than a year ago.

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To learn more about these new features, see the YouTube announcement video below:

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