YouTube announces plan to combat terrorist content

 YouTube announces a plan to fight terrorist content

The video sharing platform will strengthen the technical and human resources for counter terrorist speeches.

A few days later, it is Google's turn to announce new measures to fight terrorism and radicalization on YouTube.

Kent Walker, Google General Counsel, recalls in a preamble in a blog note that thousands of people are workingin the world to moderate the content published on the platform and that engineers have developed a technology making it possible to avoid downloads of content identified as linked to terrorism through image recognition.

But YouTube wants to go further. The site will strengthen the analysis of video content thanks to artificial intelligence. Machine learning will be used to identify extremist and terrorism-related content. A job that will be stimulating, continues the leader, because we will have to differentiate between propaganda images and images of a report from a news channel, for example.

Then, as technology cannot do everything, the site will also strengthen its user control program, the YouTube's Trusted Flagger program. 50 experts from non-governmental organizations will join the 63 who are already part of this program. In addition, YouTube will expand its workl monitoring content that can be used to radicalize Internet users.

Anti-terrorist warnings and messages

The video-sharing platform will also be more severe on content that does not clearly violate the rules of the site but which contains provocative or supremacist religious speeches.
These videos will not be deleted, but YouTube will add a warning before they are broadcast. In addition, this content cannot be monetized or recommended and the comments section will be closed. For the site, it is a question of finding a balance between freedom of expression and the promotion of extreme speeches.

Finally, YouTube will step up its efforts in counter-speech based on its Creators for Change program. This is intended to produce content to counter hate speech.
The platformalso avails to extend in Europe the Redirect Method, created with the Jigsaw site, which makes it possible to redirect the potential recruits of terrorist organizations like the Islamic State towards videos which could make them change their mind.
During previous deployments, it has resulted in the viewing of over half a million minutes of videos demystifying recruiting messages for terrorist organizations.