10 essential Google Glass apps

10 essential Google Glass applications

What would the world be like without apps? Our smartphones wouldn't be smart. And tablets would only be clipboards. So there you go. Without going too far, life would seem boring and unproductive.

But what will happen when smartphones and tablets are replaced by high-tech headsets like Google Glass? This is a question that we will begin to explore as we get closer to the official version of Google Glass .

One thing is already guaranteed, however. Google's eagerly awaited project will be nothing more than a pair of silly looking glasses that can simply capture images and videos without adding any. Like our phones, tablets or iPads, Google Glass will be a waste if it is not filled with applications.

Unfortunately, comparedto what is available on iTunes or Google Play, there isn't a plethora of Google Glass applications… at the moment. This is why the big G is based on the developers to build apps , such as games like a '3D Space Invaders ' .

But, some apps should be ready to launch when Google Glass hits the streets, and more details to come. For now, here are ten of them that are absolutely essential.

10. GlassWedgies

For those of us who are undecided, GlassWedgies is a real-time social app that can answerAsk the tough questions of life, how should I order pizza? Your network of friends can then give you a simple yes or no answer. A neat little app that can trigger an interesting interaction. Ultimately, we hope that this application can be used by SEOs on a larger network.

9. Glass Nest

It may not be exactly something that can be used in SEO work, but The Nest is just a nifty device that can control the thermostat at home on the go. Having a Nest app on Google Glass makes setting up the temperature a real hands-free chore.

8. Gmail

If you buy a pair of Google Glass, we assume that you also have a Gmail account. If this is the case, why won't you get the Gmail app? After all, you will need to check youremails while walking down the street to get suspicious looks from people who are afraid of the glasses you wear.

7. Ice Breaker

Are you interested in meeting new people in the area, but you are not sure how to break the ice? You are certainly not alone. This is probably the reason why the developers of the Ice Breaker application, with the appropriate title, came up with the idea of ​​a game that breaks the ice between strangers.

6. Fancy

Fancy is another app that may not exactly match the usual online marketing features you catch here at SEJ , but it’s certainly one of the most attractive apps for Google Glass. The app allows users to search for product information, recommendations, account details or accessories in assorted colors via imaor a voice command. This could be the future of shopping.

5. Marketing Land

Here is an application that all SEOs using Google Glass should make available. Marketing Land provides subscribers with hourly internet marketing information and updates regarding digital marketing directly on Google Glass. It couldn't be much more practical.

4. Evernote

We are big fans of Evernote. So why wouldn't we like the idea of ​​accessing trade reports, files, or something as simple as a grocery list in the field of vision in case of need?

3. Meetups

What if you walk down the street with your brand new Google Glass and decide you're looking for something to do? This is where the Meeups application comes in. Like most appsDiscovering people, Meetups lets you connect with friends or strangers, or discover new places to hang out. Except that all this information literally jumps in front of you.

2. Reddit

Since Reddit is the so-called "Internet home page, the Google Glass application is an essential installation. Download the exciting or scary new product content for some people for the vast Reddit-Glass network to share and discuss. Brands can also use the Reddit app to create viral content that could also grow their business.

1. Genie

The Genie Google Glass app does just about everything, from notes to reminders of where you are. are parked or logging in and sharing content with other people. Genie is a collection of services that "will likely magnifyyour life.